Information about the film screening

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 “ANOTHER WAY” (with vegetables) – 67′

1 – The distribution rights of the film

These rights allow us to support the promotion of the film. As a result, the film will be publicized and will encounter its audience.

We suggest you pay distribution rights according to the number of seats in your movie theatre. If your theater is small, the rights may be adjusted to your capacities. Do not hesitate to make suggestions. We also accept just a 50/50 percentage on the ticket distribution. However we ask for a Guaranteed Minimum of 60 €

In case there is excess in the ticket receipts over the lump sum, we ask for a participation in the additional receipts with a distribution key to be defined, needless to say, according to your capacities and your organization expenses.

The fixed sum of rights net of VAT:

* 100 Euros ( up to 60 seats)

* 150 Euros ( up to 200 seats)

* 250 Euros ( more than 200 seats)

For Belgium, the reimbursement of the distribution rights may be taken care of by the COCOF or the FWB ( see:

The forwarding expenses of a copy of the film are taken care of by the movie theatre.

2 – The presence of the film maker during the film screening

If the film maker is invited, you are expected to take care of :

* transportation expenses ( outside Brussels)

* meals and accommodation if necessary

* fees for the film maker ( 80 Euros in Belgium, 140 to 200 Euros abroad)

In case a member of the film team is invited to the film screening, their transportation expenses, meals and accommodation will have to be taken care of if necessary.

3 – Promotional material

A Vimeo trailer is available in French, English and Dutch. ( https://

60/40 cm posters: The first 5 posters are free of charge.

Starting from the sixth poster, we charge 0,5 Euros each plus forwarding expenses.

A5 flyers: there are three versions. In HD2 and HD3 versions, there is room for you to add your screening information.

Visuals, flyers, poster, photos and press pack may be downloaded from our site

4 – Technical information

The film is available in French, English, Espagnol, Italien, Portguais, Tcheque  and Dutch.


67 minutes- A feature-length film

Available formats

* DCP / Stereo or 5.1

* Blu-Ray / Stereo or 5.1

* DVD / Stereo

* Move file / Stereo or 5.1


white 16/9

The screen size must be adjusted to the auditorium.

Be careful: occasional auditoriums must be ignored.

Adding the soundtrack to the film:

The soundtrack to the film must be adjusted to the auditorium so as to have a good stereo or LCR diffusion.

Picture and sound check:

It is worth considering a sound check and a picture check before the screening of the film.

5 – Contact :