Another way (with vegetables)

Documentary by Anne Closset

  • Year: 2015
  • DVC, Blu-ray,
  • Color – PAL – Format 16/9 – Stereo/5.1
  • Duration: 67 min
  • Language: FR; subtitles: NL, EN
  • Price DVD: 16€ (5 for 75€, 10 for 140€)
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ANOTHER WAY asks whether a citizens’ experiment developing new partnership models between consumers and farmers has the power to change society.

Starting with the solidarity purchase group of which she is a member, the director joins a dynamic network that takes her on a journey from brussels to Zagreb to meet a rapidly-growing movement, CSA (Community-supported Agriculture).

As eaters and producers re-establish a direct link, they set up an alternative, short channel, mode of consumption that is mindful of all living things.

Through food, which concerns everyone, the CSA experiment puts the human factor back at the center of exchanges.

Can we become agents of change ?

Director, Director of photography : Anne Closset – Scenario/Script : Anne Closset , Veronika Mabardi – Voiceover written by : Veronika Mabardi – Narrator : Véronique Dumont – Original Music : Max Vandervorst – Sound : Corinne Dubien, Gérald Wang, France Wagener, Anne Closset – Film editor : Guido Welkenhuysen – Sound editor : Magali Schuermans – Mixer : Rémi Gérard – Colorist : Michael Cinquin – Graphic art : Pierre De Bellefroid

Produced by Athanor Production asbl, en coproduction avec la RTBF – Unité de Programmes Documentaires

With the support of la Wallonie, la Commission communautaire française, la Région Bruxelles-Capitale / Het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest , Bruxelles Environnement – IBGE / Leefmilieu Brussel – BIM, La Commission Européenne – Education and Culture Lifelong learning programme GRUNDTVIG

With the participation of CERDEN, Réseau des Gasap-Bruxelles, Europe Refresh (les Halles & KissKissBankBank), Nature & Progrès – Locale de Bruxelles

This film was made possible thanks to the belief, enthusiasm and precious support of the KissKissBankeurs